PrimiciasNews number 52
Mayo 2017

In the last number you will be able to read…

Changers of babies in the bathrooms public. Already it was hour!

Our champions Carolina, Rafa and Sergio

Tax on refreshments and drinks with sugar in Catalonia

Kids plows to better than adults… AT noticing things

Election to fever in France and the UK

To gorilla finally you complete the London Marathon… to week to later

Posts outstanding

Two illegal deposits of dogs were dismantled

Many of you you will have dog and in some…

The first Carnival of the year

The Carnival is one of the funniest celebrations and we are proud to be part of group that Hosting this event…

When it arrives at house the magazine of PrimiciasNews we do the wave to him: we are very fan!

Roberto Brasero

Presenter of A3

He enchants to me to share PrimiciasNews with my Aroa daughter. Or he would have to say that she is who shares it with me? Because he always is first in reading it!

Roberto Aliaga


My son Diego, of 11 years, is a hardened reader of read free news. She is nothing can like more than to sit down the week ends in the morning in the table of the kitchen and to bring up to date themselves of the last news while it has breakfast.

Claudia Caso

Founding partner of the WorkandLife Group

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