Many of you you will have dog and in some cases they will have been bought in rescued stores or of a dog pound. Nevertheless, they also exist prolific illegal of dogs where they do not take care of them well.

This January, two of these deposits have been shortages in the localities of Navalafuente and the Molar (in Madrid). The culprit could be stopped by the Civil Guard thanks to the warnings of the neighbors, as Efe agency counted.

The premises, by all means, did not have permission as zoological nucleus, that is the accreditation necessary to have to many together animal, nor fulfilled the norms of protection and well-being animal.

More than 150 dogs they were crammed in 17 cages in a place without ceiling and were surrounded by its own excrements and waste waters of the installation. The dogs that were pregnant, just paridas, their ill puppies and other animal (85 altogether) were derived to the Integral Center of Animal Welcome of Madrid.

Most of the dogs were transferred to authorized and collaborating youth hostels of the Community of Madrid. If you love a dog, why not to adopt to these animal and to give them to your cares and affection? These centers offer all the sanitary guarantees.

How to avoid the illegal salesmen?

The Civil Guard remembers that the animal must be acquired in centers authorized, with more than three months and all the put vaccines. They must, in addition, have microchip and that this one agrees with the one of the documentation of the animal.

As buyers, you must distrust of hidden zoological nuclei, salesmen who mention to you little in concurred places (as gas stations or parkings) and of very low prices.

Also you can verify that the page where you buy – if you do it by Internet is safe, and to investigate the salesman to see commentaries of other people and to know its opinions. If you detect some anomaly, denounce it.