The Carnival is one of the celebrations funnier than we celebrated in Spain and their dates vary every year. In order to know when it is celebrated, you must fix you to the Easter: if you know what day is Thursday Santo and back down 40 days, you will know what day beginning occurs to the Lent. That day is Ash Wednesday and just before the Carnival is celebrated.

This year, the 13 of April are Thursday Santo, therefore, when it will be the Carnival of 2017? The official day will be the 28 of February, although the celebrations of Carnivals usually last of the 23 of February to the 1 of March.

Nevertheless, not everywhere they can hope at the end of February. Silió is a locality of Cantabria that goes ahead every year to the Carnival with the Vijanera, a winter masquerade that the first Sunday of the year fills the streets of music, disguises and laughter. This year took place the 8 of January of 2017.

This celebration, declared Celebration of Tourist Interest Cultural National by its popularity and antiquity, commemorates the one of the most ancestral traditions where evil – represented by multitude of personages always it is won by the good.

carnival 2017

The zarramacos are the protagonists of the parade. These characters go dresses with sheep skins and long-beaked hats, take to the faces black guinea fowl, persecute the demons to expel them from the town and make sound cowbells that take tied to the body to wake up to the New Year.

You, already you are ready for the Carnival?