The Integral Law of Recognition of the Right to the Identity and Expression of Sort (or Law on Transexualidad) of the Valencian Community was approved the 21 of October of 2016 and since then all the schools of this autonomy are forced to respect the sexual sort chosen by the students transsexuals.

The people intersort, who are those that changes of sex, including and the minors could be called in the schools by the name which they decide to put itself, that she will be gathered in all the administrative documents exhibited the public.

The vice-president of the Consell, Mónica Oltra, describes this law as an advance when stopping indicating the transexualidad as a pathology and considering it “an expression of the human diversity”, reason for which does not consider a “psychological or medical test” since necessary the Consell Jurídic Consultiu had protested.


What says this law on transexualidad?

This law picks up a specific protocol to assure the protection the right to the identity and the expression of sort in the educative scope. Thus, in the schools and institutes the physical image of these minors, as well as their election of clothing and the use of the facilities based on its felt identity will be respected.

In addition, concrete sanitary policies with services as the attention individualized, psychological support during the process settle down towards the wished sort, sexológicas and pharmacological therapies. The blockade hormonal makes sure at the beginning of the puberty, as well as the treatment crossed at the moment adapted for each person. Surgical treatments required are also included to obtain the body modification.

In the labor scope it gathers that this group frame between which majors difficulties find to accede to a use, and anticipates the development of a program frame of activities in this sense through the social services.

identity of sort in the schools

One of the many protests to demand a Law on transexualidad before the City council of Valencia. Source: Europapress.

This law is counted with the collaboration of several consellerias and the consensus of social organizations and political parties. Mónica Oltra judges it as “a structural change of the Valencian society, more respectful and amiable, that a value sees the diversity as and not as a threat”.

This norm of is forced fulfillment for all the schools maintained with bottoms public, which includes to the arranged centers of the Valencian Community. This autonomy is added among others to that or they had approved his laws on transexualidad as Madrid, Catalonia, Basque Country, Navarre or Andalusia.