To many of you certainly it enchants to dive and to see the fish and shells to you that there are submerged, but you imagine a museum? Then in Lanzarote there is one already can be visited I swim in the White Beach coast.

The 400 works of the British artist Jason deCaires Taylor (Dover, 1974) have taken almost a year in being placed in the 2,500 squared meters of sea surface that occupy to the south of this canary island, in the bay of the Red ones.

The works of deCaires allow to reclaim reefs as habitat for vegetal molluscs, seaweed and other species. They make with materials that respect the marine ecosystem and that allow the natural life when regenerating sea floors.

The sculptures have submerged, after a washing, between 12 and 15 meters of depth so that they are accessible to divers of different levels, and it calculates that 300 years will be conserved within the water during about.

Other subaqueous museums
The one of Lanzarote is the first submerged museum of Europe but others in the world with works of this author as National Geographic counts, as the Subaqueous Museum of Art (MUSE) in Isla Mujeres exist (Mexico, 2010).  It emphasizes the one of Nassau (Bahamas, 2006) because it counts on the Ocean Atlas, a marine recreation of the Atlas history, the condemned to load with the Earth pillars in Greek mythology. This piece is the greater aquatic sculpture of the world with five meters of height and 60 tons of weight.