Britney Spears, Jennifer Lawrence or Kristen Stewart have complained recently it last it that he is to live under the pressure who exert the paparazzo. Also famous Spaniards as Clara Lago or Blanca Suárez has denounced the invasion on the part of mass media of its deprived life, since they watch to secure them to a photo or the new history that to sell.

In the United Kingdom, a carried out investigation in 2011 showed that more than 3,000 famous ones (actors, sportsmen, politicians and even member of the British real family) their taken part mobiles had. This means that their conversations were listened to illegally with the intention to discover their secrets.

The famous people take a life so different from ours that draws attention to us and their histories are to us interesting. In fact, 28% of people shelp in 2014 to be more interested in pink press reports that in the present time news.

In other words, hundreds of thousands of people see TV shows, read magazines, newspapers and websites with cotilleos of the celebrities every week.  It is a way to relax.


Arguments to favor

Actors, singers or sportsmen would have to be met by their professional trajectory. When they are not working, they are owners than they do in his private life and would have to be only subject his.

The famous ones have right to the leisure, just as we have it. Nobody would have to photograph the time that passes with their family or her friendly, nor to question the aspect that they have in a his time of relax.

The harassment of the paparazzo is exhausting, if not even you are famous and you are neighboring, more still familiar or friend of a famous one. These people undergo equal the pressure on the part of the press and of those photographers who look for the photo as part of their business.


Arguments against

The famous ones have chosen that public life and to maintain the interest of the public is part of the treatment nonwritten of its profession, since they are the attention center. They also make much money with contracts of publicity and with the promotions of his films or songs.

In fact, the relation between famous and average is a symbiotic relation: they are needed and they benefit mutually. The means help the famous ones to be it and they, with their life, collaborate on sale of magazines, newspapers and maintain the hearings in television.

Sometimes, they themselves are those that set out their private life: they share photos when they marry or when they have children… Then, if beams this, you cannot decide after they leave you peacefully.


Read the arguments of a part of the other, you what you think?