The bookstore City Lights of London put in its showcase a poster that prohibited the entrance to the clowns. The owner of the book store affirms that signal has been years hung in the door and that it only was a joke.

The sinister fashion of clowns assassins who began in Carolina of Sur (EE.UU) at the end of August and that has extended until terrifying to average world gives a new dimension to that graphical joke. A pair of professional clowns described this racist signal as and showed its annoyance before the bookstore with a series of guinea fowl in crystals of the store.

The proprietor left and the conversation with the clowns, that threatened take to more clowns to protest before the bookstore, became tense. Luckily, two police in bicycle went to the place and managed to calm the spirits.

BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION gathers that in the United Kingdom #killerclowns has been published more than 60,000 tweets with hashtag from the 10 of September. The professional clowns described this “dangerous and irresponsible” fashion as.

The phenomenon of the clowns assassins also has arrived at Spain: Badajoz, Saragossa, Murcia, Gijon, Lleida or Valencia. The calls to the police to have seen disguised people of clown in half at night and with threatening attitudes went off the weekend previous to Halloween.

The police recommended a series of directives in case of being with one of these clowns assassins:

  • To maintain the calm and to apply the common sense
  • To avoid the conflict with them
  • To call to the police to warn of its presence needing the exact place in that one is
  • To be prudent when spreading the information not to generate social alarm