State Encuentro of the Councils of Infantile and Adolescent Participation was celebrated in Santander in 2016. Two hundred of you, young, young and adolescent among 8 and 17 years of 49 different localities, you could debate your needs and preoccupations on education, equality, protection or health, among others matters that must improve in Spain.

Between your proposals to improve the country, we emphasized:

  • Your commitment with the childhood from other countries when asking the government who provides solutions to open the borders to migrant and sheltered children.
  • The preoccupation that you declare on the harassment scholastic, a subject that also must be treated in the school and at home and in the health centers so that undergoes it they have all the possible help.
  • The learning for you must be different: with more practical work and professors well preparations in all the subjects.
  • You spoke of equality in different scopes as the education or the sport, where young and young they must be tried equal.
  • You demand more social help for the families with economic difficulties.
  • You would want that the access to the hospitals was free for all and that there were more hospitable centers in your towns.
  • The consumption worries to you about alcohol and drugs and, for this reason, you demand a stricter and severe regulation of its sale.

One of you shelp: “We do not want that it is heard to us We want that it is listened to us”. We have listened to you since you have asked. Now he is called on to them to listen the politicians, because you are the voters of the future.