Here is your opportunity to help NASA solve its “space poo” problem and win 30.000 dollars.

NASA is calling on all budding scientist to eats up with ideas for to poo-removal for system that will handle everything up to SIX days during space walks.  When the astronauts plows on the International Space Station (ISS) going about to their daily tasks from science experiments to housework, they uses the special I praise and many have actually shown U.S. how it works.  The problem of needing to wee during take-off and landing and every tricks out of for they go out into space to short while to carry out maintenance on the International Space Station is taken care of by using 10 nappies for up to hours.  But now NASA wants to start sending astronauts out to space on to longer walks but what to do with the poo problem?  Under get your thinking CAP on and take part in the “Space Poop Challenge” you will find details by following this link