Claire Stewart

Claire Stewart


Welcomes to the webpage of the newspaper of our young people!  Every two weeks we put the challenge to choose a selection of the news and histories of the present time of the world and to count them of simple, clear, pleasant form and concise in safe surroundings, so that our young people have all the information who need to be than it is happening and than she is being spoken and thus they form his own opinions.  I invite to occur a return to them by the information that this page contains and if it has any doubt or question that to do to us, it does not doubt in putting itself in touch with us. Enjoy!

Every two weeks, in each issue of Primiciasnews, children will find to variety of news from science to animals, politics to sports, personalities to environment. Our big our challenge is to select some of the most interesting and important home and world news and to turn them into stories that plows simple, to clear and concise under that our readers have all the information that they need to understand what dog sometimes sees confusing and complex world.

We also want children to have the opportunity to make up to their minds about things that to matter. In each issue we run to Big Debate or Big Issue in which we give both sides of the story and ask children to make up to their own minds about it.

With now to over 4.000 readers, parents tell U.S. that they really appreciate the variety of stories that we bring to their children in a safe and easy to understand environment.

We hope you will sees joining U.S. soon in our ever growing community of subscribers.