When you are young, you are peculiar by nature and you want to know everything on the world that surrounds to you. But sometimes that world seems fact only for the adults. How to explain a boy to him what is deflation, the crisis of the immigrants, the Brexit, the elections as much here as in EEU, the papers of Panama, the scandal of the FIFA, the food that we threw to the trash, the danger of the sugar, burkini, the harassment, the Zika virus… 

Primiciasnews is the only bilingual newspaper (English-Spanish) for children between 7 and 14 years that respond all to those questions so that the children feel like insurances, trusting and not crushed reason why they perceive from conventional mass media.

We want to alleviate the curiosity of the children while we animated to them to that they explore the world and to develop his own opinions on the present time that, somehow, are giving form to their future.

For that reason we created PrimiciasNews, to explain the news so that the children can understand them. Always with sensitivity, rigor and floods of color. But never of obliging form. Thus we helped them to create its own opinions with knowledge and fomented conversations as much at home as in the school on policy, science, sports, books… It throws a look and it subscribes to the young person in your life. You will be giving him every two weeks the news that will inspire to explore and to discover the world to him in which it comprises. Because the young people are 23% of the population but the 100% of the future.